Transitions Volunteers

Volunteer Esther Folsom (center), Former Board President Diana Holder (left) and CEO Rick Bourne
Esther Folsom accepted her 2019 Volunteer of the Year award from former Chairman of the Board Diana Holder and CEO Rick Bourne.

Volunteer…It’s Good for You, too

Transitions volunteers are clearly “called” to provide this service. In addition to visiting patients, your presence as a volunteer also gives family members the opportunity for a much-needed break.

Patient care is not the only way to contribute.Transitions offers many opportunities to use your unique talents. Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

Veterans Recognition Ceremonies

Ceremonies recognizing veterans provide touching moments and lasting memories for patients and families. Since 2009, volunteers have performed 450 Veterans’ Pinning Ceremonies at patients’ homes, nursing homes and for our own employees and volunteers. To meet the demand of this increasingly popular effort, we need volunteers who are veterans themselves to conduct the ceremony.

Pet Peace of Mind

Nothing beats a nuzzle from a warm puppy! Transitions offers both home visits from therapy animals as well as efforts to keep pets in their homes. Making it possible for family pets to remain with their owners is the mission of our Pet Peace of Mind program. Transitions volunteers determine how we can help keep pets safe, fed, healthy and happy at home. Services, which are limited to dogs and cats, may include:

  1. Walking the dog, cleaning the cat box or putting out food
  2. Picking up pet medications, food or supplies
  3. Transportation to a veterinarian for a routine or symptom-related visit
  4. Transportation to a groomer for bath and a trim

Making Memories through Lifestory Writing

Our clients often welcome the opportunity to have help writing down their personal memoirs. Formats include scrapbooking style, text and photo style and CD audio recordings. Helpful resources are provided to the volunteers interested in providing this service.

If you have a volunteer idea in mind, call to suggest it. Volunteers around the country have come up with all kinds of ideas.

We’re in the office Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. at (352) 854-5200.

Transitions Volunteer of the Month

May 2019 Volunteer of the Month: Mary Ann Ellner was selected Volunteer of the Month by the Transitions team.

Volunteer of the Month Mary Ann Ellner